At P&A we specialize in providing leading-edge embedded-to-Enterprise (e2E) technology media relations. Our clients benefit from our extensive experience and the valuable contacts we've established in the industry during the past 30 years.

Our industry experience ranges from promoting deeply embedded devices to advanced software-development tools and technologies. For instance, we have represented clients offering digital signal processors (DSPs), field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and board-level products, as well as Enterprise application development tools and Java™ development-based technologies, such as the Eclipse platform.

Unlike larger media-relations organizations, we limit the number of clients we represent at P&A so we can provide innovative, responsive, personalized service. Our purpose is to make significant contributions to marketing and business efforts by doing the following:

  • Building industry awareness
  • Propagating your company image and messaging
  • Maximizing visibility through new media web strategies
  • Increasing sales of targeted products

We provide a diverse range of market expertise from seasoned professionals with personal experience in military/aerospace, telecommunications, medical, imaging, industrial control and automotive applications. We also leverage a network of specialized, talented, creative individuals for special projects. We select them because they are right for the job, not because they are on the payroll - so you pay for talent, not overhead.

As a company, we look at media relations as an integral part of your business plan as a whole. Because we share the same concerns you do, we fully understand the importance of adhering to management priorities and budget considerations. We believe in achieving high standards with high business value.

embedded-to-Enterprise media relations